Meridian, Idaho, is a wonderful place to visit. Why not visit the great Meridian City Park? It’s got everything you can want in a park. There are two playgrounds for children, one of them being completely handicapped accessible. The other playground has slides and swings that any kid would love. The oldest attraction at Meridian City Park is the Meridian Casino which was built in 1928. This castle-like building offers some of the best entertainment in all of Idaho. Some great bands have played there, including Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Passing through the entranceway of this unique little city park is a special little train that kids will love to ride. The train costs next to nothing, and the conductor is a great guy who will talk to your kids along the ride. The train ride only lasts about 5 minutes because it goes in a circle no more than 1/4 of a mile long. In addition, there is a carousel in Meridian City Park which has been around since 1920 when it was purchased from Coney Island. There is also an aeroplane on display that could entertain and give rides to children and adults alike.

There are some great picnic areas in Meridian City Park, complete with barbeque grills that anyone can use for free. Next to one of the barbecue grills, there is a playground of sorts where children of all ages can play. In addition, there is a great fishing pond where children and adults can catch trout and salmon from season to season. One of the most beautiful attractions in Meridian City Park is the rose garden built-in 1942.

In addition, Meride City Park offers a sensory garden for those people who have disabilities that make it difficult for them to experience nature. This garden is completely free, and anyone can go and enjoy all of the aromas and beautiful flowers that it has to offer. Some great hiking trails run throughout Meridian City Park, which cost nothing for those who want to explore the many miles of trails within this great city park.

Places You Should Not Visit In Meridian Idaho

In Meridian, Idaho places you should not visit include the Walmart Supercenter off of Black Cat Road. There have been reports of customers stealing food from other customers within this store. Also, there was a complaint about one customer who engaged in sexual activity with another customer while at this location and was charged for public indecency.

Another place you should not visit in Meridian, Idaho, is the apartment complex on Riverbend Lane. There have been reports of a man masturbating outside his window, exposing himself to people below who were walking around. In addition, there was a report of a homosexual threesome between two men and one woman while at this residence which led to drug charges.

The Burger King on Franklin Road was another place you should not visit in Meridian, Idaho. A man has been known to approach people at this establishment and ask for money to buy food. Instead of using the money he is given for buying food, he spends it on booze instead. There have also been reports of vagrants sleeping in the business’ bathroom and other unsanitary problems within the building.

The last place you should not visit in Meridian, Idaho, is the apartment complex on Clubhouse road. This apartment complex has been host to several drug charges and prostitution charges for those who live there. One incident saw a man unlawfully sell prescription medication while he lived at this location. There have also been reports of drug abuse within the apartments themselves.